How it all began

Heavy shit from further south! Mixing classic and new metal for all ages, providing straight headbanging reaction!

Formed by Johnny Verdugo and Eddie Parra on 2006 -and with a non quitting policy- they have harvested nothing but great friends and great stories through the road. Like playing with Kiko Loureiro Band (Angra) on his 2008 chilean venue, or working with the greats Mike Wead (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate) and Chiles own Pablo Stipicic as producers on their first full album “Made Of Scars”. Other friends also joined us putting their rock on some songs, such as Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal) and Janine Nyman (Sweden Idol 2010 Finalist). Cheers for them!

2012 was a really great year for the band, which started with the “Bajo Multa Summer Tour”, with our Swedish brothers Sterbhaus as the main dish. 8 gigs performing at the hottest bars on the central location of Chile. Then they supported Iced Earth on their Teatro Teletón venue with full house and full force. On April 28th, Break.Down was the only regional chilean band to perform at the continentally acclaimed “The Metal Fest, Santiago”, crushing thousand necks with the best of the best: Anthrax, Annihilator, Misfits, Testament, Kreator, Destruction and UDO, just to name a few. And on november they had the chance to warm up the whole audience before Arch Enemy on their “Latin American Khaos Tour”, where the band cooked some live shots and delivered “Pull The Trigger” and “Judas, be my guest”, their latest HD Videoclips so far.

2013 is in front of us and the band is about to digitally release “3 Days to Die”, uncensored and uncut, their most encouraging and empowering single up to date.

And this Is just the tip of the iceberg!
If you want to know more about the band, just let yourself get caught in our web.


  • “Lost Highway” Single 2008
  • “My Last Fix” EP 2009
  • “Payback Time” Rockaxis Split CD 2010
  • “MADE OF SCARS” LP Digital 2011
  • “Payback Time” HD Videoclip 2011
  • “MADE OF SCARS” LP Digipack 2012
  • “Chaos Theory” HD Videoclip 2012
  • “Pull The Trigger” HD Videoclip 2012
  • “Judas, be my guest” HD Videoclip 2013
  • “3 Days to Die” Single 2013


  • Eddie Parra: Vocals
  • Jotun: Lead and Rhythm Guitars – @jvortex
  • KXX: Bass Player – Clean Vocals
  • Rodrigo Fernandini: Drums

Special Guest
Janine Nyman: Female Vocals on Im Lost
Travis Montgomery featuring on Judas be My Guest

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